Your complete Horoscope for the 28th of October 2021
Wait for proper guarantees before you come to a decision. You need more information. You're putting in all your energy but you're beginning to dig deep into your reserves. Be careful and learn to say no. Read more
Your candidness is becoming more obvious and having greater impact. You are more inclined towards those of greater maturity. You are showing signs of calcium deficiency in your bones and teeth, so take action before it becomes a problem. Read more
You'll be able to focus on your sense of harmony and sort out relations with friends. You run the risk of spraining something today, so be careful how you move around. Read more
You are euphoric about the new options Fate has in store for you, which fulfil all your hopes. It would be a good idea to break with certain habits. Cut down on sugar... it puts weight on and makes you feel guilty! Read more
Your mediation skills will prove very handy for dispelling the arguments brewing around you. You want to do too much, and you're not going to pace yourself properly as a result. Either cut back, or take the time to recover afterwards. Read more
Don't create worries that don't exist. Your ease in your relationships will help you to overcome this kind of mood. You feel a need to breathe in and slow down. You'll do right to devote some time to relaxation and get back into step. Read more
A long-awaited problem is rising its way back to the surface... try tackling it from different angles at the same time. You need to get some rest, but your lust for life keeps pushing you to overdo it - make sure that you at least get enough sleep. Read more
You will be focused and leave nothing to chance... You'll be flattered by the results! You are weighed down by over-indulgence at the meal table, so go easy. You need to exercise and eliminate and then you'll feel more dynamic. Read more
The demands circulating around you are making you hesitant. Try to keep in mind where you want to go. Your swinging between action and apathy shows that you are digging deep into your reserves, so go easy. Read more
You are optimistic and sociable and on the right road to personal fulfilment. Make sure you eat a balanced diet. It would be a good idea to take up a leisure activity with an art connection. Read more
Your daily routine will seem less cumbersome and it's in your interests to emerge unscathed... A sedentary lifesyle won't suit you, you'll need to be on the move. Taking up sport would be advisable and would give you strength. Read more
Your different moods will bring you luck - now's the time to make some new contacts. You'll be more sensitive to the cold, so wrap up warm and move your body more. Read more